Sovereign First blog post

Let me try this…. was my first thought when my friend said she started blogging….

O my… another weird thing she is doing. But then it got me…. i got all these things inside me, begging me to share with the world…


Im a independent women. I rule my own life… I’ m sovereign female

I might not be Queen Elizabeth, but deep down – like everyone else believe- i rule my world.

I’ve hit rock bottom, became a single mother, had my heart broken too many times, broke hearts to get revenge, almost died and had a endless battle with what the world threw at me.

I’m a Christian, but believe in Karma- not sure if the two go together – but I’m my own ruler…. so today -what ever makes me happy goes….

This almost feel like keeping a diary… The difference is, I’m posting my opinions.. I’ ve noticed when i give my opinion Many people disagree or feel offended… Then i feel amused and almost satisfied. So before you judge,  be open minded…


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