Who is the boss

Sometimes i like to think im in a position where i call the shots…. Thats my comfort zone. In reality everyone else also feel like they calling the shots…

My daughter somehow figured that being demanding gets you what you want. Must say im proud. Just annoyed when im the one who jump to her demands. And if i dont do it, im the bad mother… Its difficult keeping the balance. No parenting book can teach you those. Being demanding most of the times gets you what you need, not always what you deserve.

At work, your the employee,but the boss in your position. You work yourself so into it, making you the one no-one wants to lose . The less you say the more powerfull you become. Wisdom is being quiet…

Love, yes love controls everyone… Except when you master the abillity to block out harmfull feelings… But then you get at a point where you dont know what to allow and what not to allow and sorrow becomes the boss of you.

And then theres pizza… The one thing that will always be my boss. I will eat till my tummy hurts and still eat more. O i love the crust thin and crispy, with crackling bacon sprinkled all around… Pieces of sweet banana and just to keep you having more – melted mozerella…

My opinion, you will never be the boss, there will always be someone or something being the boss of your soul..


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