Why cant we wait for the weekend, but when it’s here its a constant battle of what to do… Yes you can rest, do things in the house, but is it really what we looked forward to? The year is almost at its end and all we waited for was another day, a another weekend.

So how do you make the most of each day? How do you live your life? 

I’m thankfull for each day, each day i had what i needed. But still there is a desire for someťhing more. I forgot how to enjoy ‘me’ time. I forgot how to make my home – myhome. Im always working or arranging things to make my life easier. When i get time to just relax, i feel im missing something. 

I used to work two jobs. An admin job during the day, barlady at night. I had to make ends meet. I was so focused on what i needed to do, each day…i was a robot. Each time you see people having drinks,  having a good time…i always wanted to be them. No worries. Ive come to learn, you drink because there is more worries when you dont keep your mind busy. 

Be carefull what you wish for. You might get it all. And then you will be happy for awhile, just untill you realise you need something different- again. 

Its good to be busy, always needing something different… In a way it gets you forward. Its an art, to not lose yourself while living. 

We were given this life… Not to just be ordinary- doing oridinary stuff. We were given an opportunity to be great and different.

When my oldagehome days come, i want to have stories.. I want to feel satisfied… I want be know i lived.

Its weekend… What you going to do…?


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