How to: Get a good job without having to study

 (this advice is not for people who wants to be a doctor , accountant or attorney- obviously)

If you are one of those lucky few not able to study after school, it’s not the end of the world. Yes, you will have to work a bit harder, but getting experience is key. A lot of private companies do not want to spend extra money on salaries and if you are over qualified you will not be employed. Sad but true. I decided to rather get experience, as I do not want to make study loans that I most likely will not be able to pay off and then not get the perfect job.

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Planne verander

As my planne wat ek gehad het vir my toekoms, net so kon bly. Sou ek dan gelukkiger wees? Dis die vraag waarvoor ek nooit n antwoord sal he. Is ek spyt? Nee. Toe ek n tiener was het ek als agter mekaar gehad. Ek was so positief oor my toekoms.

Die is nie ‘n biografie nie en ekt al die juicy dele geknip want eks boring soos dit. Dalk ook omdat ek nie wil he almal moet dit onthou saam my nie.

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Musiek vir my siel

Ek was nog nooit n ‘fan’ van Afrikaanse musiek nie. As ek ’n Kurt Darren liedjie hoor, wil my ore sommer begin bloei. Ek het deur so ‘heavy metal’ stadium gegaan, en tenspyte  van al die negatiewiteit  teenoor die genre het dit my laat beter voel oor als. Dit het my glad nie kwaad of geweldadig gemaak nie. Nou dat ek dit nie meer luister nie, raak ek op getens oor sommer enige ding. Continue reading

No place for beggars

The guy with barely clothes on, stands next to the road, begging for the change you are saving. Why should i give away my hard earned money? Who is the bad one here? I have no time for beggars and here is my reasons:
First of all, whos fault is it that this human have nothing? Where is his/ her family? Its not my fault they lost the amibition and thrive on pity! Things happen, but if it werent your fault, your friends or family would help. I actaully know of two people who live on street, by choice. They also beg, and get by. They say they hope for a better future, but they cant keep a job and fight with people who helps them.
I would be to ashamed to just look apon others for survival.
Ok, so some humans lose their job. O my so you lose you dignity and self worth aswell? Thats probably why you lost your job in the first place you werent good at it. How can you blame someone else for your misfortune? Just because you are to lazing to take that cleaner job instead of the office job you had, does not give you the right to make me feel bad for you. I started down there. Serving brandy to assholes and clean the toilets of people to like to miss the piss pit. After 6 years i can say all the bad times was worth it. 

If you deserve better, than work towards it. I once gave baby clothes to a lady who sold fruit next to the road. She had a baby and i could see the clothes was to small. She didn’t ask for help. She just sold the fruit to look after her and her child. Those people i will help. The ones not asking.

Then theres humans that believe :
More children equals more wealth,  sorry but in todays terms it means more dept not fortune! Where in your life will children create you wealth? Its bills after bills. Thenmaybe when they have grown up after 18 years they will be lucky to start studying. Or keep a job. And that is at your expense to,  paying for studies or transport to work . So how is it a investment for your old day? Then in some cases after 25 years your child hate you and just forget about you? Who will look after you if you are not capable?
There is children growing up on street… How can you live with yourself, setting that example. That child will grow up believing that the way it is and just do the same… I know a guy who adopted 3 children of the same mother. She just keeps popping new ones, while living on street. How is that fair to the children. Now they posess that gene. Lucky for them they got a better home and hopefully not fall in a rut like their mother.

Since historic times there was peasants. Will it ever change or is it a breed?
Religion also plays a part here. They believe that God has a plan and he will look after them… Why do you need to live in horible circumstances when God also look after you when you have a home? I dont have everything and believe i will never have. I know God will look after me if I work hard. You need to earn you confort. Yes some people manage to get more comfortable than others, but dont ask others for money if you dont want to work for it and dont ask for help if you dont want to be helped.

Life sometimes suck. Deal with it.
Being normal, will never make you a millionaire.
If it makes you feel better to give, than give, but I work for every sent i have and will spend it on myself and those i care about. People not making an effort will not get to use my money. Call me superficial or selfish but thats life. 

I dont want to be rich, i want to value the small things in live, but because of modern times I need work to have the things i need to be a bit more comfortable.

No place for beggars in my live.