I want one

Yes, if your human you just want a baby.Especially if everybody around you are having babies. I was there too.
Then one unexpected day i was pregnant too. So excited.
It wears off, i promise. I guess if you dont experience something, you will keep wanting it.
I wish more people will seriously think before they just start having children.
There is so many things you have to take into consideration. I never did think about it and i wish i did.
Theres not one day i wish my havent had my child, but you get ‘what if’ days.
I wouldnt have been at the desk im sitting, i would have travelled the world and many many other things. I would of been a different person. I heard my colleagues talk about this and i didnt feel alone. This whole parent thing has two sides. The first side being- you wont be alone when old and Its great being loved.  Its so admiring to see yourself in your children. The other side is… The negative side. You will change. All your plans are arranged around your children. You get so mad at times, that you hate yourself for it. And all your money wil go for your childs future.

But for the sake of tomorrow we need to have children.
The most terrifying part for me is, giving discipline. Its difficult to teach a person something they know nothing about… And its so hard to stand your ground, especially if those tiny blue eyes stare at you.
At the end of the day you have to think ahead, what type of person do you want to leave behind in a world where things are constantly changing. This tiny person will have to decide your fate when you will no longer be able to do so.
The best way for me is to be an example… Im raising my child to be open minded, but able to chose between right and wrong. To accept disappointments. To not let other people step over you. To think for yourself.

Things you have to consider:
1) will you be able to afford a medical aid? If not, will you be able to pay doctors fees and medicines?
2) will you be able to afford a good school and make time to be involved in your childs learning process
3) will you be able to make it financially, having to buy milk and diapers and clothes
4) do your partner what to have a child and do you two have the same way of thinking about raising a child
5) (when you are a single parent) are you willing to say no to opportunities, like friends inviting you to parties, work opportunities that require you to travel etc.
6) do you have patience? This is very important.
7) do you accept that you wont have that much ‘me’ time as you did before and that you and your partner may start to drift apart if you dont have a understanding and may drift apart. Do you have a strong relationship.

Life happens, and having a child is a gift. Sometimes you have to get all ready in a shorter time.
But if you have a choice, chose wisely.
Dont just want something, because everyone else is having it. Think about what you want, what you need and if you are able to manage it. Dont be selfish bringing a child into this world, and not raise them to make this a better world. Only the fitest survive.


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