vote vote vote

Today i had to make my mark and vote for a political party, i dont really know about. Hey, they should be better than our current goverment. 

Its a cold and windy day, and my vote could make a difference. Im not into politics, thats why i have never voted before…. I chose to not know about, it will get me frustrated. Its difficult to understand some mindsets… Democratic mindsets. Democracy probably saved our world, but is it really better? Now everything are questioned, to many opinions matter and people get upset. Racism will always be alive and murderers just get jail time. Why? Because everyone has a right. I say,  if you are wrong or do wrong to other, you should not be living. Your a bad one. A bad nut. Unfortunately there is not a political party like that here in SA. People will be to afraid to vote for someone like that. But our country will be saver, it will be thriving and a example. 

But i voted, like most people to today,  for another democratic party to maybe get our country where it should be. So i hope for the best. So many times i didnt want to vote, because i believed it wouldnt make a difference, but maybe if we all stop to think like that, something will change….


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