Because i said so

You either heard this alot when you were a child, or say it alot when you are a parent. Theres no second guessing when you say it. Just do as your told.Easy peasy.

I dont always have a reason for the things i say, but i rarely say something in vain. No time for second guessing. It makes me angry to be second guessed. Mistakes and disappointments infiltrate, and then usually the first choice was the best.

Being a mother, gives me a bit of that authority. Im not bossy. I just know better. Some other people will disagree- but who cares. My daughter likes to ask why this, why that… Simple. Its because i said so. I’ve been your age… I made mistakes…ive learned. It gives us control our a person we dearly care about. The twist is and its so difficult to avoid, but we need to let our children or people we care about experience the outcome of their own choices. The bad ones and good ones.

I can also refer to the movie, ” Because i said so”. There the mother use it to interfere in her daughters lives. A person that matter to her. I really liked this movie alot. Diane Keaton plays this role so good. It felt like my own life story (except guys like Tom Scott and Gabriel Macht was not part of my choices). Most of the times when you do as your told, you get tangled up in this illusion of the other person, and you end up being uphappy. Afraid to make your own disisions. This is a really good movie to watch, if your a mother, a daughter, or have people in your live you would die for.

I think we should avoid saying it, and be truthful.
Say what we really want to say. Stop being bossy. Let all your dearest do things they belief is worth it. Maybe you will end up having a good laugh, or not.

Clean your room, or some dirty cat will have her babies under your bed. 
Or dont date that guy, because think of the ugly decendants he might have.

 Or eat that sloppy pasta, because i made it with love.


One comment on “Because i said so

  1. Nice one. I faced this problem too with my parents and it’s still work in progress (getting there).
    Would be wonderful if you could give any inputs on my blog. Thanks.


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