I am not a racist and will never judge a person because of the color of their skin. I do however believe each race has their own beliefs and ways, and when you mix all of us together, there will be a chemical reaction. I grew up when the ANC took over, my generation was not part of it all and yet we are the ones who keep the fire burning.

Living in South Africa, racism is a word we hear almost every day and what i experienced so far, as a white south african, black people are also racists. I wish this whole lable thing will just evaporate, but its like a stain on a new shirt.

Since the ANC took over, alot changed. And after 20 years, people are not really happy with what the new government achieved. Im not really into politics, i just want this hatred to stop. Yes white people had apartheid in place, and although it was a good idea. It was implemented wrong. Now the goverment have BEE which is for me just like apartheid, rejecting white people for jobs and businesses. Even other ethic groups dont benefit from this new system. The worst part is millions of black people still live in shacks and dont have jobs, and the government who put this in place, are millionaires pocketing everthing. They can do so much more for their own people instead . Now that everthing goes wrong, apartheid still gets the blame. IT WAS 20 YEARS AGO, get over it!

Nelson Mandela, the hero, but before he took over he bombed stations and killed many innocent people. The argument was to make black people equal to white people. Not to just kill one another. Nobody will ever tell you this but he was a terrorist in a way. He did what most enemies do. And yet it was not worth it!? NO. White people still hate black people for murders, theft and corruption. Black people still hate white people for slavery and poverty.

I hoped that our new generation will atleast leave the past in the past and work towards a better tomorrow.
There will always be stupid people with uneducated arguments and that is not determined by the color of your skin.

They wanted the country and wanted to be free. Now they have it and our country is in debt, people live in horrible conditions, they dont have work, and racism is still among us.

Most white people think if they move abroad everything will be better, but what ive seen is that every country have their fight. Why run from a problem your ancestors created?

All people are equal, except those people who ignorant. Remove the ignorant people and peace will thrive.

Each race are supposed to be different, so why judge each other about it? You dont need to marry each other but atleast treat each other with respect.
Dont hate someone you dont know.

Lets stop racism!


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