Poem – wishing there was (2009)

Wishing there was

Wishing there was more

More of you.

More of me.

Wishing this feeling will last forever.

Through the ice blue a soul attracts.

Attracts something in this broken heart.

Now stars respond on lost wishes.

Hold me now hold me forever.

Here i feel safe and free.

Wishing there was no doubt.

No doubt in love.

No doubt in you.

Wishing this last time.

Landed in this safety net of new things.

Things keeping busy this crazy mind.

Desires of the unknown haunt thoughts.

You see only me.

I see only you.

Together we see what this cud be.

Wishing there was no pain.

No pain from before.

No pain from the fall.

Wishing this melody will stay.

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