Female circumcision

What the fuck?! That was my first thought when i found out about this.i never knew about this, until there was n clit collector exposed in Bloemfontein. Well this guy was physco! He kept the clitoris as trophy’s is his fridge… Eeuww! Anyway some of the women did it willingly and somehow survived.Imagine going to the police station to identify your clit?

This bothered me, thanks to google i found out that there is cultures that demand the women be circumcised. So you save yourself for marriage, and remove your pleasure organ. Very clever. You will have a great sex life with your partner you don’t really love. This type of things make me hate a culture or religion.
Male circumcision is a different story…. They can go and have sex still enjoy it, get the happy ending and removing excess skin is more hygienic.
I’m a very curious person, things like this really tickles my brain.
According to Google FGM (female genital mutilation) is a way to control a women’s sexuality. Its a way to ensure virginity and fidelity before and after marriage and increase male pleasure. Now here is my opinion: a clit is a organ which helps a women receive an orgasm. In Europe it was done to stop masturbation and insanity. My dear womens brains is not at the vagina like a mans brain is at his balls.
So my brain makes the math no clit no pleasure? I’m sure if you remove this you will not ever experience the pleasure having sex ever. Also if you want to have sex, you will. Removing the pleasure organ is not going to make a difference. Why would your husband want to take this away from you?? Or your mother?
Now some girls get cut after birth, most before they are five… Does six year olds have sex? Maybe i missed something. Most of the times this procedure is done in places that is not hygienic or equipment is not sharp, in which cases the girls bleed to death or get major infections. There is NO health benefit. Again: why torture a person you are suppose to love??? If God made you that way, i guess you are suppose to have it. Why change it because relatives say so?? This is bullshit!!!
Luckily some countries has restricted it. But i guess you will always have that grandma bullshitting her offspring.
I’ve come to learn there are also different types of FGM namely type 1, 2, 3. Where type three is sewing the whole vagina close and cutting everything off. A small hole is left for urine and menstrual blood to pass. For intercourse the hole is cut open. Wtf. And then again cut for child birth. No pain killers are given. Just think about it ladies. Thers is sisters suffering out there!!!!

An interesting fact for me is, this happens in rural areas where the women are not educated. I really hope this evil will stop. This torture. No women deserve to be cut after birth, cut again at her wedding night and cut again for child birth.. if a religion request this, then its not from God or Buddha or a higher power. Its then from people, with sick intentions. I would be able to kill people who promotes this. Its wrong.

 So yes now i’m more of feminist i wanted to be.


One comment on “Female circumcision

  1. maatjiema says:

    Nee daai is ook nie aan met my nie! Arme vrouens!


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