Buddha wisdom ( anger issues part 1)

This Buddha guy seems legit. He is so chill, something i struggle to accomplish. The one phrase that got me today from him was :

You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.”

I sometimes feel so angry and I have no clue for what. Ok maybe if I think about it intensely I will find the culprit. Now every time I’ve been angry or reacted on my angry feelings I was the one who suffered. The thing I got angry about did not disappear or change and I had to live with or without it. So I guess my next challenge in life will be: accept the things I cant change. Soon or later after countless “retry moments” you should be able to acknowledge a person or situation will not change. At that moment you can either get rid of it or accept it.

A few things when I let go of things that upset me or make me angry I became more at peace with myself and others around me. I’m not saying you should just be happy with anything or any one… but think about the root of anger- use your magic machine namely your brain. I usually avoid any deep emotions and just go on no matter what, but then I get stuck on days when somewhere inside me, the jar gets full and I need to empty out all of it. It’s not healthy living with negativity.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else: you are the one who gets burned.” —Buddha

A lot of the times…. Ok 99.99% we are angry about a situation another person caused. Now the line above makes so much sense. I think if my “dominee” hears me writing about Buddha’s wisdom I will probably be stoned to death . It just feels like the same kind of wisdom… Anyway… when we get angry about things, because of another person, we want to get revenge. Or make them feel the same pain we felt.

I can truly say I never felt better. Or happier when some one I hate gets hurt. Yes the little things sometimes have an effect, like example “suzie” judge you for being still young and pregnant and then a year later she is also pregnant and single. That makes me smile. If I had my wish and condemn her, I would wish she got a miscarriage- that will be out of anger … so why wish something on some else that you don’t want for yourself.

I wish I could experience these things in slow motion… like when I want so say or think something hurtful just stop and think about what if it was said to me?? How would I feel? And then maybe make the words more positive.

So this coming month I will work on my anger issues… if I find out what they are and find a way to release them I will let you guys know…


2 comments on “Buddha wisdom ( anger issues part 1)

  1. maatjiema says:

    Jy weet, ek was vir “anger management” sessies en dit het my baie gehelp. Om uiting te gee aan jou woede het gevolge en jy moet verantwoordelikheid vat daarvoor. Nou, as ek moerig is, dan blog ek of skryf ‘n “undelivered letter” (‘n brief aan iemand wat jou te na gekom het maar jy gee dit nie aan die persoon nie).

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