Lord, today I pray for everyone not just for me or my needs. I noticed there is a lot of people who struggle. Not only the poor, but the emotionally scarred. There is things happening around us, things that’s so horrible and these things makes it look like You don’t exist. You are everywhere and you are good… why are there bad things happening?

 Please protect the innocent and the ones who can’t defend themselves. Please give the people who have been hurt strength for each day. Help them achieve things, although the hurt makes it hard for them. Make the good people invisible to the bad people. We are all vulnerable here on earth and only a higher power can protect us. Without faith for better things our human race will disappear into dark places.

May I also ask that you be with the people that do all these horrible things. May you bring them to their senses before they do wrong and give them a conscience. Why does it break my heart so much to see people suffer and yet there is so many people that have no remorse?

Guide us to be safe and give us a warning in time to protect ourselves. We need you protection at all times. Thank you all the times you have protected us and provided us with everything we needed.

Please forgive the times we are ungrateful and full of our self. Help us with our anger, that we don’t use it against other people or ourselves. Help us to love ourselves and others. Without your help we are lost. We need your guides and light in this dark world of us.

Be with the poor and people that are in situations where they feel they can’t get out of. Give them courage and the warmth of your love. Be with the rich that they can’t be blind to others sorrows.

Lord, I’m not aware of most of the things that is happening. It’s probable better for me. But I know there is animals, children, adults and elders who suffer each day either due to circumstances or abuse from other people. It’s difficult for me to be of help of those in need. Help me reach out to others and work through me if You need to.

 I trust that You are aware of everything that is going on around us and to us. Please show your helping hand. Provide us with the tools we need to make your world a better place. Give us peace at heart and strength of soul each new day.



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