Call centers

“Good day, Mam. Its Tertia speaking. I’m calling from “which ever company”.  How are you doing on this lovely day? (Not giving me time to speak) you have medical aid right?

Me:” yes”.

Tertia:” Great, these days we can’t dare going to a state hospital, am I right?”

Me:” No, but if you selling something I’m really not interested”.

Tertia:” Our company offer great products and it will really not take a lot of your time? “

Me: peep peep peep  I just hang up)

That’s how most of my calls go when I hear it’s a company selling either life insurance, credit  or cell phone contracts.


Oh do I hate it when I answer and its this very friendly voice trying to sell me something I really don’t want. This friendly voice makes it so hard not to be rude, but if I was interested in life assurance I would have searched them on Google and called for a quote. I think working as call center agent must also be very difficult… They always seem so positive when I think most people get very rude towards them… I generally just hang up after I said I’m not interested , because they will go on and on and convince you , you need whatever they selling. I hate being rude to someone I don’t know but when it’s the 5th call on a day, my aurora can boil eggs.

I’ve installed True caller on my cell phone to avoid these people and blocked most numbers. On every account where I give my number I ask that my phone must not be given to these people and still my number gets on their call list. I understand it’s a way of marketing, but with Facebook and Google and just so many other marketing places I really feel telesales has no place anymore. It’s just an irritating call.

Is there bloggers that work as I call center agents? Please tell me how you guys cope with that type of job? And how do you stay positive?


One comment on “Call centers

  1. maatjiema says:

    Kyk, as hulle eers vra: “… and how are you today?” Dan gaan ek ballas! Ek kan dit nie vat nie!

    Liked by 1 person

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