losing my mojo

Today I’m facing the fact that all the things that attracts me have started to disgust me. It feels like all the things I use to like just is not that interesting anymore. Do that come with age?  I’ve always believed that change is good. It helps you grow and it keep life interesting. Unfortunately not all things can be changed and it feels like I have to change to feel like I did before. Maybe that’s how all those 40-year-marriages work. You have to find the one thing you loved and liked about the person to stay in love.

Does attraction stay or do you recreate it?

  At this stage I’m losing my ambition. I love eating, but i’m picking up weight. I gym, but am too lazy to make an effort to gym harder. I have a great boyfriend, but keep on finding all the things that irritate me.

Somewhere my life got off balance and I can’t pin point it. My anger issue is still there. I’ve tried to write about the things that upset me, but to see it on paper does not even make me feel better. I’m not a depro person. All these feelings does not even upset me enough to make a change.

 It’s as if my brain refuses to accept that there are things that don’t make me happy. Usually I would just eat a massive cheese and bacon burger with fries and the world would look better. This will not help today.

 Just stay happy.

Where is my Mojo?

Luckily we are getting out of town this weekend… a farm far away is maybe just what I need….


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