Physical pain is the worse ever. Now a year later I forgot how it felt to be in so much pain that death was a better option than to live. I forgot to be thankful and appreciate good health.

 We need to look after ourselves. When we neglect ourselves we might not be able deal with the consequences. There was days I was so independent on pain killers and even then I couldn’t walk or bath or eat. Pain humiliate you. It forces you to be less. Some of us lose ourselves during these times, but if you learn how to control it- you can survive anything.

The problem is I forgot those times too quickly.

 The one motivation quote that stuck with me: “pain is weakness leaving the body”.  And if you think about it – it’s true. When you experience any form of pain – you make a change in your life. You get rid of the things causing you pain.

It’s like a undecided body cleanse. I guess more people need a pain cleanse.

Heartache is also a pain that tests your inner self, but physical pain due to illness is the worse. With heart ache you question earthly things. With physical pain you question your life and your meaning in this world. Spiritual things. Are we so filled with sin that pain is in our DNA?

  In life we need to realize we are not here to just live or just succeed. We are here to make a difference.

 This morning I realized I need to stop over thinking life. I reached a point where I thought- “ am I human? Am I real? Why do I need experience so many things? What’s the reason?” all questions that need no answer.

I was at a point where I couldn’t pretend to be normal. My fiance is now struggle with a sciatic nerve pain and I’ve never seen a man cry like he did. He changed his life for the better and suddenly experienced unbearable pain in his lower back and leg. When I struggle with my stomach pain he didn’t know how to comfort me and tried not to be around me. Now he is suffering and although I know real pain, I can’t comfort him. And now I realize how difficult it was for him.

I guess I will never understand why we have to experience pain. You can be a good person or bad. It just happens to most of us and I struggle to understand that.


2 comments on “Pain

  1. Jy is hopeloos te wys vir jou jeugdige ouderdom. Dankie vir die puik lees. Ek gaan dit beslis op die een of ander platform deel!

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