Okay, so my passion/ dreams are coming along. Maybe not as fast as i wish.

I was saving for sewing machines, and boy its not a cheap hobby. Luckily I bought my own machines back from a family member, so soon i can start to blog about my new hobby. Yes, buying my own machines back has a story- but i will save it for later.

 It won’t be a completely new hobby, but this year God just said : Make a plan- I gave you this talent!. So i wrote and translated my book, still need to check the spelling and add some pictures. But by year end all will be ready.

It was really strange writing this book, and very frustrating , because i don’t have sewing machines. But what i had to write just came naturally. Freaks me out, but i’m proud of what I’ve done so far.

Nothing worth it- comes easy and this gets me sometimes. I hate waiting !

So this whole thing is teaching me some old life lessons.

“If it’s meant to be- all will fall in place at the right time”

“be patient!!”



One comment on “Loading…

  1. travel460 says:

    Oh goodie. Hope I can also read your book.


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