home made

When i read Home made- i know it comes with a price. a price not for the product itself but for the effort that went into it. Quality is not always guaranteed, but more attention was given to make it a great product. So recently i began sewing again. its addictive and i want more!

this year i began with a passion. a passion for sewing. i finished a collar shirt- no problems. Tried to make a oven mitten- all hell broke loose! first my pattern was not right. then the batting was to thick for my machine. then i sewn the bias to itself and skipped the glove. with the third pair, i mastered the oven mitten. i was so frustrated that something so simply can get the better of me!

In July i will attend some short courses to get more basics right. I just have to get it right. I have to make more time to be more perfect.

I love being behind the scene and constructing something from scratch. this I wanted from my high school days and today i regret that i had to post-phone this dream.

After persuading this hobby I’ve learned that making it yourself is not always cheaper. it’s not always faster. And your definitely not always proud of what you made. Maybe i’m to hard on myself. But i just want it to be perfect.

So i will not only be sewing, i have a few business ideas. Part time ideas. it feels like i want to go a bit of the grid and just sew. In my modern life a cant disconnect completely, but at this stage a just want lots of fabric, a cabin in the woods and just sew till its 2030 !

I am still positive about this passion, but i need to work harder !

Here is what i done recently 🙂 the start of so many more!


chicken apron , chef hat, shirt and oven mitts.



4 comments on “home made

  1. travel460 says:

    Pragtige werk!


  2. maatjiema says:

    Geniet… geniet sommer BAIE want de Vader weet ek is nie daai talent beskore nie. My oupa het destyds my ouma se Empisal teruggevat toe hy sien hy gaar net stof en nou is ek spyt. Oe, en mens kry die mooiste materiaal… maak sommer iets makliks soos materiaal-servette – wanneer laas het jy dit gesien? Wat by die tafeldoek pas? Altyd sulke lelike Checkers servette deesdae aan die tafels en dit kos ‘n kakhuis vol geld!


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