About sovereignfemale 


I’m a Afrikaans female, living in South-Africa.

My blog is about my thoughts, poems,opinions and just anything that tickles my brain.

A sovereign female is a women who is strong minded,  hold authority and is independent. I hate to be dependent on anyone and i know what i want. I believe we are all here for a reason.

I want to live my life the way my heart tell me  to do and not what others tell me.

I started my blog mainly because i like giving my opinion. I prefer to keep my personal details private as I do sometimes say or think things that may be out of context. Through blogging I hope to get to know myself better and grow as a person.

If you get offended by what I write, don’t follow me.

The post I wrote “Who am i” will also tell you more about me…

Over and out…

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