all for you ( june 2015)

I’ve lost a love, to keep you alive

my dreams were changed

plans re- arranged

the struggle became to real

But by having you, a part of me was born


I’m drenched in debt ,to keep you safe

My ends just dont want to meet

i only want to provide for our basic need

The hunger to go above and beyond will stay

by having you, gave my life new meaning


I’m getting weak, by keeping you happy

As my days get numbered

I will always be there for you

The thought of ever leaving you , kill more than my soul

having you , keeps me from letting go


I’ve become alone , by choosing you

no man will ever be above you

My burden is to heavy

my baggage is to many

The truth about life : You never get something you cant deal with


Ive come to peace with my demons

It’s time you do too